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Online travel business in India

  With the rapid pace of E-commerce, online travel market in India is getting quite lucrative. More and more competitors are entering this market leveraging their innovations. Since its arrival in the Indian internet market in the early 2000, now it has moved even into the den of a middle class man.

Today, the online travel business in India has spread its wings from just booking tickets for planes, trains or buses to even planning their vacations. One gets all the information needed for these vacation plans like their destination points, accommodation details, compare different package options to choose a best option according to their budget.
Online travel agents (OTA’s) play a major role in this expansion. With the advent of new OTA’s every day in the Indian market, consumers are being spoiled for choices. A survey has identified the following attributes which made consumers to boost the speed of online travel business growth in India.
  • Prices
  • Promotional offers
  • Time taken in booking
  • Customer care
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Holiday packages.
  • Cab Pickup/drop.
  • Information content.
  • Airlines & Hotels.
  • User Reviews & Rating.
  • Mobile Booking.

Based on the ratings of the existing players like ClearTrip, or Yatra or MakeMyTrip, emerged the consumer perception. Net banking with its transaction security makes no stone unturned by the Online Travel Agentsto acquire captive audience.
Through the launch of mobile application in this arena even by the government, the consumer has relieved even from carrying a printed ticket but just can show the SMS involving the details of the ticket and enjoy the journey. Besides, to gain their stand & reach out to consumers, it has become necessary for any OTAto speak to consumers in a lingo they converse in via social and digital marketing means.
OTA’s further intensified the competition by luring the attention of online travelers with the door-to-door services such as cab pickups / drops and special care at the airport. A easy and quick access to customer care over phone or through emails has been identified as one of the important criteria affecting the choice of an OTA site.
Thus with all the new strategies and different growth factors in place, the online travel business in India has already tasted a good success till date. But, as always, with the increase in new challenges in any market, the best is yet to be perceived.

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